The Top 3 for Entrepreneurs

Ep 21: April Perry - Top 3 Tips for Runnning Your Business While Putting Your Family First

January 28, 2015

Devoted wife and mother, April Perry is Co-Director of Power of Moms, an online resource where mothers come together to support each other on the journey of motherhood. She is the Co-Author of "Deliberate Motherhood" and "Motherhood Realized" and is the creator of "Mind Organization for Moms" an online GTD-based program where she helps mothers organize their time and life. 

Today we are going to chat with April about her top 3 tips for running your business while putting your family first. 

The Top 3 for Entrepreneurs is a weekly podcast created for any business owner looking to get inspired, motivated and moving by asking successful entrepreneurs to share their Top 3 best tips. 

Stephanie Burns, founder of, a global resource for female entrepreneurs, interviews today's most impressive entrepreneurs to talk about their challenges and the top 3 things they want you to know in order to be successful.

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